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Buyer's Representation

Buying a piece of land can be one of the most profitable transactions in business, but never forget that any money you make on the transaction is not made on the subsequent sale, but on the initial buy.  On that note, the importance of honest and reputable representation is unmistakable.

Southeastern Land Brokerage, LLC, offers a number of Buyer Representation services to insure that you are well equipped to make good decisions on the front end.  These services range from general brokerage services to turn-key representation through location, valuation, due diligence, permitting, and ultimately acquisition and closing.

Our brokerage services give you access to our exclusive database of properties for sale, including foreclosure properties, estate sale properties, tax sale properties and other distressed sale situations.  Additionally, we provide you with comprehensive market data so you are able to quickly and accurately ascertain the fair market value of the property so that you can make your purchase offers appropriately and timely.

Our engineering and surveying services allow you to efficiently determine the exact size of the parcel, all hydrological and wetlands concerns, as well as providing streamlined representation throughout any planning or permitting phases of your project.  This insures that you’re able to make an accurate decision as quickly as possible, as well as reduce your overhead and keep transaction costs to a minimum.  We believe that continuity of service is clearly the most efficient route to success, and we work very hard to make that available to our clients.

Our Role

  • Ensure that you get the most competitive contract purchase price available
  • Ensure you secure financing for the contract
  • Ensure that the property is re-zoned to suit your desired use
  • Obtain necessary permits from SCDHEC
  • Obtain necessary permits from local planning/zoning
  • Obtain necessary permits from Corps of Engineers
  • Negotiate with Contractors for your construction plans or re-development intentions
  • Provide full representation through closing and title transfer