Farmland, sure - What about all the other land?

Sat, May 12th 2018 2:49 pm by John Hilton

The amount of press farmland has received in the last year could fill a few bookshelves. It is amazing that a real estate category that typically turns over at rate of about 3% which is now turning at half that has so much exposure and analysis. So what about all the other land? Recreational land, building land, vacant lots, or any other rural land? What is happening in that market? There seems to be no press and buyers are thrilled.

If you are in the market for land for recreational use or as a building site then now is the time to search. Farmland that may have been split up and converted to transitional development land is a good start. Prices are usually reasonable and tend to mirror...

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Wash that Land Before You Sell it

Sat, May 12th 2018 2:45 pm by John Hilton

Wash That Land Before You Try to Sell It, and Fix The Box It Came In!

If you were going to sell your car, in all likelihood you would wash it, 
probably vacuum it out, and maybe even wax it. If you go to a car lot where 
professionals are selling cars, most likely they have not only done these 
things, but have went through the vehicle thoroughly and made it look it’s best 
in a process that the industry calls “detailing”. In this process, everything in 
the car is cleaned, shined, and cosmetic faults are repaired. They do this 
because they know this helps to sell the vehicle for more money. More than the 
cost of doing the work. If you go to buy a car, do you pick out the shiny one 
that appea...

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